Terms of Voucher Sales

This Section governs the use of gift vouchers purchased on our website.

Gift vouchers purchased on this website may only be redeemed by purchasing goods on this website using the gift voucher code. Only one gift voucher may be so redeemed against a single purchase. If the price of the purchase exceeds the amount of the gift voucher, you must pay the balance at the checkout. If the amount of the gift voucher exceeds the price of the purchase, then the balance of the voucher will remain on our website to be redeemed at any time up until the expiry date.

Gift vouchers may be used in combination with sales promotions, unless the terms of the relevant sales promotion provide otherwise.

Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.

Gift vouchers may not be used to pay for gift vouchers, or for any products or services that are specified on the website from time to time as being outside the scope of our gift voucher scheme.

These Gift vouchers expire on 31/12/2016.

If you use a fraudulently obtained gift voucher in a transaction, or use a gift voucher fraudulently, we may at any time thereafter demand that you pay off the amount represented by the gift voucher, and you must pay such amount within 2 working days following the issue of our demand.