Ethics and Sustainability

None of the species we use are on any CITES (Commission for International Trade for Endangered Species) lists and are therefore sustainable and not endangered.  Our policy is to use species which are not on CITES lists and the meat/food monetary value of an animal must exceed the monetary value of its raw hide/skin.  All of the exotic leathers we use are primarily farmed for food and our preference for the supply of calf leather is from the dairy industry. We do not buy from any sources where the animal has been mistreated for ethical reasons. This also ensures that the leather is the absolute top quality possible. 

The calf leather, ocean leathers and silk that we use are all top quality. Ocean leathers (especially the fish varieties) are generally more expensive to produce than even endangered reptile species because of the labour costs dealing with such small skins/hides. Each fish skin has to be pinned out individually before each process, ie. tanning, dyeing and finishing, making it extremely labour intensive. It  takes 2 fish skins to produce the inside of 1 wallet.

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