About Creel

CREEL is run by Jonathan Gurney and Alexandra Adair from a design studio-workshop at the confluence of five rivers: the Nadder, Ebble, Wyle, Bourne and Avon in the cathedral city of Salisbury. We produce expertly hand-crafted leather goods in classic British designs using the finest leathers and other natural materials...all with an unexpected twist. 

About Jonathan

After studying at Oxford University, Jonathan worked as a lawyer in the City of London. In 2010 he left that world behind to pursue a deeper creative interest. And for three years immersed himself in learning about all things leather. Travelling to tanneries and workshops around the globe and enrolling in leatherworking courses to gain a full understanding of the qualities of this versatile material, and how it should be used.

About Alexandra

Alexandra joined CREEL in 2014. After university, she worked in university administration in London until she married and moved to the country.  As her children were growing up, she worked part time to broaden her experience by working in arts environments such as a leading provincial auction house, leading national sculpture park and a prominent sculptor. As a result she was asked to join the local Board of the Art Fund.  She broadened her business experience by working in the Bishop of Salisbury’s private office.  Returning to full time work, she has joined Creel as the Business and Sales Development Director. Her experience enables her to understand the fine balance between the aesthetic and commercial aspect of products.


No compromise. Every aspect of every product in our collections is hand-picked, hand-drawn and hand-made. We’ve taken great care to source the finest materials and craftsmen to create lasting pieces that will age beautifully over time.   

At Creel, we pride ourselves on excellent service and attention to detail in everything from sourcing and crafting our products to our packaging. We are confident that you will be delighted with your purchase from Creel.


The Design Process

Everything is designed and sampled by Jonathan in our studio workshop near the English cathedral city of Salisbury. Currently all our products are handmade in our studio workshop although we are trialling European workshops to help with production as the business expands.

Full-grain calf leather

We use only the finest full-grain leather. These flawless premium hides do not require sanding or buffing to remove imperfections, nor polishing to improve their initial appearance. The soft fine grain of our calfskin is highly durable and will age wonderfully as it takes on a natural patina.  

Salmon and other fish leathers

Although it has an unusually beautiful appearance salmon and zander leather is produced in much the same way as any other leather, however the end product is stronger and suppler than most. The pattern on each piece of ocean leather is unique, created by the scale pocket formation of the individual fish. As a result each Creel product is one-of-a-kind.

The Ebble Collection uses ocean leather tanned in Tallinn from salmon sourced from the Norwegian fjords and zander (aka pike-perch) from Baltic lakes. Both are completely odourless. 


We have selected a range of luxurious shot silks to complement the leathers in our wallets and card holders.